Review of JunXin Black Gold Aquamarine Blue Ring

Price: $14.60

This truly unique ring is made of copper and plated in black gold. It features cubic zirconia stones in an aquamarine color. Although advertised as an engagement ring, I got this from my daughter as a birth stone ring (as she was born in December). It’s so pretty and unique! The aquamarine color is perfect for December birthdays.


I love the detailed design of this piece.


Have a look at the filigree details around the edges.  It has an antique look to it but the black gold adds a really interesting modern touch.IMG_1513

Here’s another detail shot.


Look how pretty the stones are:

I purchased a 5 and it is true to size. I am really impressed with the details on this piece for such a low price. It looks so much more expensive than it actually is.

It comes in a very nice gift box that also includes a cleaning cloth.

This is a truly unique and very detailed ring that is well made. I would recommend it.

Sample provided. You can purchase this lovely ring at

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