Estarer Carrying Case for Bose Soundlink

Price: $10.99.

I love my Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker. Unfortunately, so does my college age son. He likes to borrow it on a regular basis and he’s pretty hard on things. I decided to buy this case to help keep the speaker protected when he carries it around. This case is perfect.


It fits the speaker as well as the base and cord perfectly.


This rectangular shaped semi rigid bag is made of EVA material and has a zipper that goes all the way around the case, making it easy to pull the speaker in and out. There is a bubble padding in the inside which will protect your device nicely.


I like to put the speaker and charging cradle straight in the case.


There is a padded flap that goes between the top of the speaker and the mesh compartment where the power adapter and cable is stored.


This keeps the top of your speaker from getting scratched.


This case is nice and portable. It comes with a carrying strap as well as a metal toggle that can be attached to the strap. So if you want to hook the speaker to a backpack, you can.


This case is nice and lightweight and is exactly what I was hoping for. The size is: 9.05″ long x 3.94″ wide x 3.54″ high. It weighs about a third of a pound. If you have a Bose Soundlink speaker, this is a very nice accessory that will make your device more portable as well as protected. I would recommend it.

Sample provided. You can purchase this carrying case at

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