Review of Linsoir Beads 14mm-18mm Freeform Gravel Chip Crystal Beads (F2982)

Price: $21.99.

These beads by Linsoir are so unique! They look like rock crystals and have a milky clear finish.


They look just like chips of rocks.

The weight is substantial and they are quite large.


They would make really unique accent pieces in your jewelry or used on a dangle earring. They are natural and organic looking.

These chunky beads are perfect for a boho look or a classic look if paired with smoother beads. For those who are into the metaphysical, clear white light represents your connection to the divine mind and the 8th chakra, aiding in your spiritual connections.


You can purchase these beads at You can also search Linsoir’s huge bead selection in the Ali Express Storefront.

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