Review of Artcome 12 Piece Seafood Tool Set

Price: $11.49.

This is a good basic set of seafood tools that includes ten fork utensils and two crackers. The crackers can be used for nuts, lobster and crab legs.seafood10

This is a value priced set that is made well and a good buy for the price. The crackers are made of zinc alloy while the forks are made of stainless steel. Although the product description states that they are all dishwasher safe, I would recommend washing the crackers by hand to be on the safe side. Since the forks are stainless steel, there are no worries about them rusting.

In addition to seafood, the forks can also be used with hors d’oeuvres. Use to pick up olives and other bite sized appetizers.


The crackers work effectively and have a manual open and closing operation. In other words, they aren’t spring loaded so you will have to manually open and close the tool. But this is standard.

They are fairly lightweight and a smaller size than some, which I like. I do find that the smaller size is easier to use.

The forks are well made and have sufficient weight and strength to be long lasting. They are effective in extracting meat as well as removing nuts from shells.

This no-frills set comes packaged in a nicer plastic ziplock type bag. If you are looking for a good basic seafood set and don’t want to spend a lot of money, this seafood set is a good buy.

You can purchase this set at

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