Review of Linsoir beads F1630 Faceted Blue Onyx Agate Beads (8mm)

Price: $10.59.

These beads by Linsoir are just gorgeous! I purchased several beads in many price ranges so that I could review them for you. These were one of the least expensive beads I selected but also one of the prettiest!


They are just as nice as many of the sets I purchased for almost $50. For this reason, these are an exceptionally good value.

These stunning precious stones are blue onyx & agate. They are semi transclucent and a deeply pigmented blue color. The size of these beads is 8mm, which is the perfect medium size for almost any project. For those who don’t know, agate and onyx are both different forms of chalcedony (a member of the quartz family). They come in many colors, including this gorgeous deep blue color! Fun fact: Agate and onyx are almost identical; the only difference is the form of the layered bands. Agate has curved bands while onyx displays parallel bands.

IMG_4031 copy

They feel as smooth as glass. They are faceted and cut in a round shape.

The quality and weight are substantial. On my strand, I received 48 pieces.

The color in real life looks darker and richer than the manufacturer photo.

For this reason, I have taken a wide variety of photos so that you can appreciate their beauty in real life.

Having a September birthday, the deep rich blue shade mimics a sapphire. Just gorgeous!

These beads are available at You can also search Linsoir’s huge bead selection in the Ali Express Storefront.

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