Review of Vitapura Loose Leaf Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Set

Price: $12.95.

I enjoy trying different types of teas. Some of the best teas don’t come in bags so you have to use an infuser to get the flavors into your tea. I’ve tried many over the years. This set of infusers by Vitapura does a good job of infusing the flavors.


To use, put your tea into the “bucket”.

Snap on the lid. The inside of the infuser is slotted so the lid fits very securely. Dunk into your cup of tea.

In a few minutes your tea is ready to drink. There is an attached chain that allows you to easily pull the infuser out of your cup. You can also hook the chain around the handle of your mug to hold it securely.


I personally didn’t find this necessary but it might be useful with a taller mug.

I like this infuser because the holes are almost the perfect size.


Some are too large and tea leaves get into my tea. Some are too small, which means not enough tea flavor comes through. This one is almost perfect; only the tiniest fragments got into my tea. It’s easy to use and clean. The stainless steel material means that it’s dishwasher safe and won’t rust.


The stainless steel is a nice thickness and substantial. These infusers are easy and convenient. This simple infuser works well and is easy to use. If you like tea as much as I do, this would definitely be a great option.

Sample provided. You can purchase this infuser set at

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