Review of Linsoir Beads Beginner Jewelry Making Tool Kit

Price: $19.99.

This is a great little jewelry making kit that has everything you need to get started with your new hobby. This compact kit is ideal for the beginner as well as those who are looking for a portable kit to take along with you on the go.

As you can see, the kit is nice and compact so it’s perfect for travel.

Here is a detailed list of what is included:linsoir5


Hanging ring pliers
Scissors Needle Holders
Looper pliers
Tape Measure
Utility Knifelinsoir7


All of the components come in a nice, well made carrying case that zips all the way around.


I love how you can open it up all the way and see everything at a glance. linsoir1Although the kit has everything you need, I would love to see crimp pliers added to the group. The tools work well and the grips are comfortable.

This is a budget friendly set that is perfect for beginners.


This kit is also ideal for making jewelry repairs at home.

You can purchase this convenient set at

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