Review of Linsoir Beads | Turquoise Teardrop Shaped Beads

Price: $49.00.

These natural stone beads from Linsoir are so unique.  On the strand, you receive 62 beads that measure almost a cm. They are a nice, significant size.


There is so much that can be done with these.  They aren’t inexpensive beads; at approximately 62 cents each, I plan to use them as accent or focal points in a larger design. 


The teardrop shape gives them a really unique characteristics that allows for all sorts of creative designs.


Natural turquoise is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find. These beads are made of natural stone in a color that is comparable to Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. However, I believe that these beads are made of a natural dyed Howlite stone. Howlite is a good option for those who enjoy working with turquoise jewelry and much easier to find as natural turquoise options are limited. It is important to note that Howlite should always be less expensive than a Natural Turquoise stone.


These particular stones are of very high quality. I did an acetone test to see if I could remove any dye from these and was unable to do, even on several tries. I also tried scratching the stone and was unable to scratch them. The weight is substantial and they are definitely a natural stone.

These high quality beads would make a lovely option for your next beading project. They are durable, well made, unique and beautiful!

You can purchase these beads at Linsoir also has a storefront at Ali Express.

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