Review of Linsoir Beads F2180 Stainless Steel Lever Back Earrings Ear Wire Finding – Pack of 50

Price: $14.59.

These stainless steel earring findings are very well made. One thing I love about stainless steel is that it is hypoallergenic. In fact, stainless steel jewelry is most often used for starter earrings with new piercings. Here are a few shots I took.

Stainless steel is the ideal choice for jewelry that will receive much wear. It’s durable, strong and almost indestructible. It’s also much cheaper than sterling silver.


In the package, you receive 50 stainless steel lever back earring findings; enough to make 25 pair of earrings.

This makes each pair of earrings about 58 cents each. Not bad at all. If you like to make a lot of earrings, these are a very budget friendly option. I am super pleased with the quality on these. The lever backs open easily yet they hold securely in place. They operate smoothly but they aren’t loose.


The size of the wire that goes through your piercing is perfect. Some, I have found to be too thick so they are hard to put in. These are nice and sturdy but not so thick that you will struggle getting them into your ears. They are also a nice size in terms of scale.


The color is similar to lightly oxidized silver.

I love lever back earring findings because there is no chance of them slipping off as there is with other types of findings. They are ideal for those with active lifestyles.

I would definitely recommend these for your next jewelry making project.

You can purchase these lever back earring findings at Linsoir also has a storefront on Ali Express.



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