Review of Linsoir Beads Rondelle Blue Stone Turquoise Spacer Beads

Price: $49.00.

These turquoise spacer beads are a very nice quality and made from real stone.


They are .45 cm in diameter and on the petite side in size. They would make great spacer beads in a larger project.


They are rondelle shaped and have a smooth finish. I counted 88 single beads on the strand, making each bead about 56 cents.


Natural turquoise is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find. These beads are made of natural stone in a color that is comparable to Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. I believe that these beads are made of a natural dyed Howlite stone as opposed to Turquoise. This is very common; in fact about 85% of the turquoise being sold is actually dyed Howlite. Howlite is a good option for those who enjoy working with turquoise jewelry, want a natural look, a larger variety of options and a lower price. It is important to note that Howlite should always be less expensive than a Natural Turquoise stone. Also notable is that the quality on these beads is extremely good.

Rondelle shaped beads are so versatile and definitely a go-to shape for me. These are a great bead to have on hand and will fit in well with many projects.


I would definitely recommend these for your turquoise jewelry designs!

IMG_7429 copy

You can purchase these beads at Linsoir also has huge selection and storefront at Ali Express.


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