Review of Linsoir Beads White Faceted Rondelle Crystal Glass Spacer Beads – 6 mm

Price: $49.00

These beads by Linsoir are beautiful. I ordered the 6 mm size but they also come in 4 mm and 8 mm. The 6 mm size is petite and would make good spacer beads.

What is striking about these beads is how sparkly they are.


They are made of crystal in an opaque white color and are faceted which really allows light to bounce off of them.

It’s apparent when looking at these beads that they are very high quality.


They look like beads you would find on a fine designer piece. You get a generous amount in this set. There are two strands. I counted over 200 individual beads which makes each bead about 24 cents.


These are great beads to have on hand because the white color is neutral and can go with so much. These very well made, high quality beads would be a great addition to your next project.

You can purchase these beads at or Ali Express. You can search Linsoir’s huge collection of beads in their Ali Express Storefront.

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