Tom David Lewis Stainless Steel 4 x 6 Photo Frame

Price: $10.95.

This handsome photo frame comes in a 4 x 6 size and is ideal for a modern decor. Here’s our overview video which will give you a good look at this picture frame:

The stainless steel frame lends itself to a modern or minimalist motif. It has a mirror finish for the exterior portion of the frame and a matte finish for the interior portion. The was a super hard product to photograph. I believe the video does a better job of displaying this product. Here’s a picture from the manufacturer:


It has a velvet backing that is nicely done. The frame can be used in either direction depending on your photo.


This would make a lovely Father’s Day gift. It would be perfect on a desk or in an office. It would also look great with a black and white photo in a home with modern decor. It’s very sleek looking and you really cannot beat the price. Here’s my attempt at a photo.


I would recommend this frame. It’s made well and a bargain at only $10.95.

Sample provided. You can purchase this picture frame at

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