Review of Junxin Women’s Scoop Neck Workout Top

Price: $13.99.

This comfy workout top is quite attractive. It’s nice and thin and breathable. I’ve worked out in it a few times now and it kept the sweat off and was very comfortable to wear. I love the texture. Here’s a selfie:


The color looks a bit different in my photo. The real color is closer to the professional one on the model below. I purchased this in purple.

As you can see there is decorative stitching that details the entire top. There is a scoop neck. The bottom of the top flares out a bit, which is different from most of my other exercise tops. It’s very comfortable. If you don’t want your shirt to hug your abdominal area, you will love the cut on this one.


I’m not in as good of shape as the model but here’s another picture on a real person:


This top comes in several colors. Here are a couple more:

I would recommend this very comfortable top. I will probably buy this in a couple more colors.

Sample provided. You can purchase this top on

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