Review of TIDOO Jewelry Vintage Triangle Design Stud Earrings

Price: $8.85.

I love finding unique jewelry that you just don’t see everywhere. Sometimes it works out for me and other times… not so much. I wasn’t sure if these would be a hit or not, but I’m happy to report that I like them very much. First, there are three ways to wear these.

  1. You can wear these with just the studs:


2. You can put these on as you would put on normal earrings:


3. You can put them on with the triangle behind your ear like this:

I think it looks best the last way, don’t you?


I like that you have a few options with these, because the pieces come apart.

These earrings are nickel free and gold plated using a triple layer of electroplate. They are comfortable on the ears.

The stones are made of acrylic but look like blue topaz. The pave set “diamonds” are Austrian crystals.

The price on these is incredibly low but the quality is very good. The design has a decidedly art deco or vintage look. If you love unique pieces like I do, you may want to take another look at these.

Sample provided. You can purchase these earrings at

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