Review of TIDOO 18k Gold Plated Queen Style Jewelry Sets, AAA Zircon Green Beads Pendant Necklace, Earrings and Ring

Price: $19.98.

It’s never easy choosing jewelry online. You just can’t really tell what the quality is going to be like. This set turned out to be really nice, which was surprising considering how inexpensive it is. I’m actually pretty impressed.

My favorite part of this set by far  is the necklace. It’s beautiful. The quality is excellent. When I first took it out of the package, I thought maybe it was sterling because the quality felt so nice. Here it is on my kitchen counter.

The pendant comes on an adjustable chain that is very good quality. I love that I can change the length of the necklace depending on my outfit. I like the chain so much that I will probably use it with other pendants I own too.

The size of the pendant is perfect for me. It’s large enough to make a statement but not so large as to overpower my smaller frame.



The material used is an alloy and has 3 layers of electroplating in 18K gold. Pave set diamonds circle the imitation emeralds on all 4 pieces.

IMG_3669 copy

The ring looks quite nice. I would guess that it’s about a size 7 or 8 because I wear a size 5.75 and it’s just a bit too large for my index finger.

The earrings are pretty, but I found that the posts were too thick for my piercings and I couldn’t comfortably wear them. This was somewhat disappointing. I may experiment with ways that I can modify these to work for me.

Even though I cannot wear the earrings, the necklace was totally worth the purchase price. It’s stellar. Here are a few more photos from the manufacturer.


Sample provided. You can purchase this set at



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