Review of Kinden Headphones Wooden Over-Ear Noise Canceling HiFi Music Headset

Price: $98.98.

Over the last year, I have tested dozens of headphones in a wide variety of price ranges. My son is a techie snob and he actually tried to buy these from me. Of course he offered less than the purchase price but still.

Over the past couple of years, Chinese manufacturers have begun selling their private labeled brands on These are the same companies that make the brand name headphones that we are all familiar with – Bose, Panasonic, JVC, Shure, etc. There are some that make lower end headphones, some that make premium headphones and some that make both. If you get lucky, you end up with a Bose quality headphone minus the brand name at a fraction of the cost you would have paid if you had the Bose label on the side. If you get unlucky, you get headphones you might find at the dollar store. It’s a crap shoot for sure. I’ve gotten both and I’ve learned a lot about headphones in the process.

These headphones are definite winners. I would expect these to be 2 to 3 times the price if we put a brand label on the side of them. If branding and status are important to you, you need to stick with the brand names. If you want the best value for your money, read on.

Starting with the form, these headphones are gorgeous. The ear caps are made of solid wood. The finish is so smooth, they are almost glass like. Think of the finish on a fine guitar. This is how nice these headphones are.


The ear pads are soft and comfortable. They have a lot of padding and really conform around your ears to isolate outside noise. They do an excellent job of canceling out outside sounds. The head piece adjusts to comfortably fit your head. It also has padding in the top, making it extremely comfortable even when using for extended periods of time.


The sound range is impressive. Music sounds crystal clear, with the full spectrum of sound one would expect from a premium headphone. I’m not one who wants her bass to overwhelm the harmony of the music. Bass has a balanced but strong presence through these headphones, which is exactly what I like to hear.

These headphones come with a premium quality audio cable. Also included is a drawstring fabric bag for carrying them. With headphones this nice, I would invest in a padded bag, but it’s nice that they include a case.

headphone4The packaging is very plain. They come in a plain white box and are wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap. If the packaging matters to you, these may not be your first choice. If getting a premium headphone at an amazingly low price point is your primary interest, you should definitely give these a second look.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase these headphones at

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  1. Gavin Reed

    I seldom comment on these posts, but I thought this on deserved a
    well done


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