Review of Tom David Lewis Desktop Silver Plated Photo Frame 5″ X 7″

Price: $12.95.

Photo frames make a great gift when you just don’t know what to buy. Add a sentimental photo and they make a thoughtful gift that your recipient won’t forget.

When I buy picture frames, I try to match the frame with the photo so that it looks like a coordinated effort. Not every frame works with every photo. I like buying silver plated frames for babies, weddings and anniversaries because I find that they are nearly foolproof for those occasions. It’s never a bad idea to have a few on hand for last minute gifts.

I purchased this 5 x 7 frame to give to my in-laws for their anniversary. I plan to include a black & white photo that I took of them inside. The price was very affordable and this frame is neutral enough that they can put it anyplace in their home. 5 x 7 frames are great because they are the perfect in between size. They are large enough to see on a shelf but not so large that they look out of place there. It’s my go-to size when gifting a frame.

The back of the frame is covered in velour material. It’s well finished for a frame in this price category.

IMG_7155 copy


The quality is what you might expect to find at Target. The good news is that it is priced lower than comparable Target frames.

The frame itself is silver plated and has a matte surface around the edges and a shiny surface with hobnail details in the middle. Because of the level of detail on this frame, I think it’s especially well suited for black and white photos.


Because it’s silver plated, you will need to polish it on occasion. With other silver plated frames that I own, I have found that keeping it wiped with a silver cleaning cloth is enough to keep it looking nice and shiny.

Often, when I am buying frames and including a photo inside, I don’t want to spend a lot of money. The additional cost isn’t justified because the recipient focuses on the photo instead. This frame allows you to present your photo in a very nice looking frame without having to spend more than you need to. It’s offered at a comparatively low price point and a good value.

Discounted product provided. You can purchase this photo frame at

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