Buxton Straplet – Ladies Soft-Sided Zippered Wallet

Price: $9.99 (with free shipping).

This colorful, affordable wristlet from Buxton is a good option for teens and young adults on the go. It’s inexpensive and easy to clean. It’s large enough to fit a pocket wallet, a cell phone, keys, money, credit cards and lipstick. The strap fits around your wrist.


This zippered bag is small enough to be carried inside of a larger purse as a wallet but large enough that it can be used on its own and carried on your wrist. It’s perfect for quick outings when you don’t want to bring much along with you. My 19 year old daughter loves this and claims that it’s perfect for “clubbing.”


It is offered in either purple or green, both colorful options that add a pop of color to your outfit. It’s made of faux leather. An 11″ strap is attached permanently to the side of the bag. The lobster clasp opens and allows the purse to be attached to itself (as shown) or to other items. There is one large compartment inside as well as a side pocket for smaller items. It’s 7.5″  x 4″, nice and compact. The interior fabric can be wiped clean.


Buxton is a well known brand of wallets that you can purchase in many department stores, including Kohl’s. This is a nice little bag at a very economical price.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this wristlet online at Amazon.com.


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