Review of Lustrous Habitat Spherical Miracle Silicone Ice Ball Maker


Price: $15.95.

I have tried out a few of these large sphere ice ball makers but none have worked as well as this one. Larger ice balls or squares (such as those made by this device) result in a drink that does not get as watered down as t would be by smaller ice cubes. The large spheres do a great job of keeping your drink cold without diluting it.

This is a very cool contraption that works exactly like the pictures show. It is made of silicone and consists of 3 round spheres, with sphere shaped lids. To use, you simply put the lid on the mold and insert water into the hole on top. A mini funnel is included to make it super easy.


I’m including a video to show you this product in action with water. It makes perfectly round ice and it is so easy to do. In my video, I neglected to use the included funnel to fill up the mold, but of course this would be even more efficient.


You can make much more than just make ice with this Spherical Miracle, including microwave eggs.

You can even add food coloring to your ice for a festive look:


Here is our ice in progress:


We use ours primarily for mixed drinks. Here is how our drinks looked:

I’m super happy with this ice maker. I’ve tried a few others and none worked as well. The ice was easy to get out and it was easy to get the water into the mold. If you are looking for a round or oversized ice maker, this is definitely the one to buy.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this round ice mold at

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