Review of Cucina Pro Cast Iron Apple Peeler and Corer

Price: $17.99

This Apple corer is like magic. If you have ever found it inconvenient to cut up apples or peel them then this is definitely an invention you will want to consider. It is ideal for those who like making apple pies or strudels. If you like dehydrating, it makes the perfect slices to put into your dehydrator or oven.

This apple corer is really fun for the kids to use and something that the family can enjoy together. It also encourages kids to eat healthier because it is so fun to use. It is made of strong metal and is much better made than other corers I have had in the past.


To use, you secure the suction to your counter. Then secure your apple to the spikes and turn the lever. It will core and slice your apple at the same time.

Red+Apple+Peeler (3)

My video shows you exactly how it works so check it out.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this apple peeler and corer at

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