Graduation Gift Idea: Review of Ideality Foldable Portable LED Desk & Reading Lamp


Price: $29.88.

I love this desk light. I have tested many desk lamps in my reviewing career, and this is definitely at the top of the list. It really does have everything going for it.

Here is why I love this lamp:

  • DURABLE: This lamp is solidly made and very sturdy. It’s not lightweight or flimsy like others I have tried.

  • PORTABLE: This desk lamp folds so that it’s flatter than your phone! It folds completely flat and is totally portable. It’s the first legitimate light I’ve found that behaves as well as a traditional light but folds completely flat.


  • SPACE SAVER: This light takes up little room and is easy to fold up when not in use.

  • VERSATILE: This light can be put into any number of configurations. You can achieve customized task lighting in any situation.

  • LED LIGHTING: LED lighting won’t get hot and is much safer to use.

  • TWO LIGHT LEVELS: A button on top allows you to achieve a bright light or a dimmer light.

  • RECHARGEABLE: Charges via USB port. Easy to recharge but can be taken on the go and used without a plug.


  • MODERN DESIGN: This lamp has a sleek, modern design that is very appealing.

Here’s a quick demo of how it works:

College students will love this light. It’s ideal for dorm rooms, apartments or any situation where you need light on occasion but don’t want to leave a lamp out all of the time. It’s the perfect little desk or task light that can do almost anything you want it to. This would make a fantastic graduation gift and is one of my top graduation gift ideas this year. I would highly recommend this fantastic light.

Sample provided. You can purchase this lamp at

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