Cabochon Jewelry Findings: Review of PandaHall Elite Flat Back Dome Glass Cabochons for Photo Craft Jewelry Making

Price: $9.99.

I love making jewelry with glass cabochons. They allow for almost endless possibilities. Whatever you apply behind the dome is magnified and protected. It creates a unique jewelry piece from any number of materials.


Just a few ideas:

  1. Handwriting from a loved one.

  2. Wallpaper from your childhood bedroom

  3. Scrap fabric

  4. Maps

  5. Drawings

If you have never worked with glass cabochons before, I recommend going to YouTube and viewing some videos as there are many great tutorials. They will add a whole new dimension to your jewelry making projects. You can make earrings, pendants, bracelets, keychains and many other craft projects, including picture frames.


Anything that can be put on paper can be shrunk on the computer and printed out on a smaller scale to put inside. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

I recommend these glass cabochons from PandaHall if you are just starting with cabochon jewelry making. For $10, you get 250 pieces. This gives you plenty of extras and room for mistakes. The quality is great and they are easy to work with. You can create personalized jewelry in a manner of minutes. They are excellent for beginners and experts alike.


PandaHall does make these in a variety of sizes. I purchased the 10 mm size but there are many options.

Sample provided. You can purchase these cabochons at or directly from

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