Review of PandaHall Elite Xillion Bicone Glass Beads Imitation Austrian Crystal Bead

Price: $9.99.

While Austrian crystal is the standard by which all other crystal beads are measured, it’s also quite expensive. There are innumerable imitation products out there to help hobbyists to save money. Some are better than others. Today, I’m reviewing these well made glass beads by PandaHall Elite. Although they aren’t crystal, they are offered at a fraction of the cost of crystal and are a very nice alternative.51FLkZvP+AL._SL1001_.jpgI purchased the 6 mm bicone imitation crystals. These are a smaller bead and could be used as spacer beads or accent beads on any piece. Here is a close up:

51mc5XvIhtL._SL1001_I’ve tried to capture the sparkles in the light, but my photos don’t do them justice:


These are attractive bi-cone beads that have a nice light refraction. Although the refraction is not quite as brilliant as real crystal, the beads are made well and could pass as crystal to an untrained eye. They sparkle nicely in the light. They are a great option for making your crystal jewelry affordable.

I would recommend these beads if you are wanting the look of crystal without the high price tag. The glass is cut very much like crystal and the light behaves in a similar way as it shines through them.

These beads come in a large color selection so you won’t have to choose just one! For the price, you can have several colors on hand, just waiting for your next project.

6186-xrVKJL._SL1001_Sample provided. You can buy these beads on You can also buy PandaHall beads direct on their website at

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