Bead Cap Review: Featuring PandaHall Elite Metal Brass Multi-Petal Bead Caps

Price $8.68.

When making jewelry, one thing I’ve noticed is that the small details are what makes all of the difference in how a piece turns out. Adding bead caps is a sure-fire way to achieve a more professional appearance. There are any number of bead caps in all shapes, sizes and materials. They will really help to personalize your piece.



I love these brass bead caps from PandaHall. They are made of solid brass, are nice and lightweight and the detail is just beautiful.

These are best paired with larger beads (I recommend at least 9 mm but larger is better). The size is 12 mm x 3 mm.


Here I’ve pictured them with 10 mm glass pearls. They suggest a classic, almost vintage filigree look. So pretty!


Finding quality, affordable jewelry components is often like finding a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, I’ve had really great luck with the PandaHall brand. If you want to take your jewelry making to the next level, try adding bead caps to your next project!

Sample provided. You can purchase these bead caps at You can explore even more bead caps at



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