Value Pack Pearl Beads Review: PandaHall Elite Blue Glass Pearl Multi Pack

Price: $12.99.

If you like to make jewelry, choosing beads can be a daunting task. Beads are so expensive. They are cheaper online but you can’t see them first. I’ve purchased some nice beads and some not so nice beads online. It’s hit or miss for sure. Finding a quality manufacturer, especially overseas is a challenge. I’ve had great luck with a company called PandaHall.

Today, I received this large set of glass pearl beads. Keep in mind, there are many types of pearl beads. These are glass pearl beads – they are made of glass and coated in plastic, which gives them a highly reflective finish. They are recommended for lighter use as the dark colors do tend to wear more over time. But for the price, they can’t be beat. They are great for pieces that will see lighter use or when cost is key.

They come packed in a nice plastic storage case and separated by size so they are convenient to use.


I ordered the blue color and as you can see, they are more of an indigo shade. They are quite pretty.

They look nice with crystal beads as the surfaces play off each other. I love all of the sizes that come in this set. They are great to have on hand when you just don’t know what size you will need:



You can pair them with a wide variety of findings. I’ve shown them with some gold bead caps I also purchased today.

These inexpensive pearls come in a large selection of colors, including blue, white and several multi color sets.

Sample provided. You can purchase this set at You can view all of Panda Hall’s beads (over 600,000 options) at


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