Review of EmaxDesign 20 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

Price: $6.99

The price on this set is insanely low. You can purchase all 20 pieces on Amazon for $6.99 with free 2 day shipping if you have Amazon Prime. I honestly don’t know how they are able to offer these at such a low price. For the price, you would expect these brushes to be pretty terrible in quality. But I was pleasantly surprised. This is a respectable set of budget priced brushes that will effectively get the job done. In this set you get:


#1 Foundation Brush
#2 Eyeshadow Brush
#3 Flat-top Shadow Brush
#4 Round Blooming Brush
#5 Angle Top Brush
#6 Eyeshadow Brush
#7 Eyebrow Brush
#8 Eyeshadow Brush
#9 Eyeshadow Brush
#10 Eyeshadow Brush + Eyeshadow Sponge
#11 Eyeliner Brush
#12 Eyeshadow Brush + Eyebrow Brush
#13 Eyeshadow Brush + Ultra fine-Eyeliner
#14 Concealer Brush
#15 Eyebrow Brush
#16 Lip Brush
#17 Eyeliner
#18 Eyeshadow Sponge
#19 Mascara Brush
#20 Ultra fine-Eyeliner

PACKAGING: The packaging is pretty basic. They come packed in a plastic bag. Each brush is individually packaged in plastic, which is nice. They also come with an instruction sheet that tells you what each brush is for.

RECOMMENDED FOR: This would make a great starter kit for someone just getting started with makeup because you basically get every brush you might ever need.


CONSTRUCTION: They are all made of synthetic hair, which means that they can be used with any kind of makeup. The ferrule (the part of the brush which attaches to the handle) is metal and has sufficient crimping to hold the hairs in place There are no notable seams or rough edges. The hairs are well attached. I expect sufficient shed resistance. I attempted to pull hairs from the base and was unable to do so; Stable performance is expected. The handles appear to be made of a synthetic wood material. The finish is fairly smooth. One of my favorites and the standouts in this set is the foundation brush.



TIPS: Take care when washing the brushes. To ensure that water doesn’t settle into the ferrule (and loosen the glue), make sure that water is flowing in a downward direction when cleaning. This way the water flows away from the ferrule.


SUMMARY: For the price, this is a great starter set. You get a wide variety of tools to choose from. This is a great set for testing which brushes you might like and actually use. Once you do, you might choose to purchase a higher end brush. Yet, I expect these affordable brushes to perform quite well. These would make a great stocking stuffer or gift for someone just learning how to apply makeup.

Sample provided. You can purchase this brush set at


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