Nestsun Exercise Resistance Bands


Price: $25.99. These sturdy bands are ideal for those who want different resistance levels in their workout. The hand grips are comfortable. The bands come with different weight resistances that are color coded:


Yellow ( Extra Light) 2-4 lbs.
Blue (Light) 4-6 lbs.
Green (Medium) – 10-12 lbs.
Black (Heavy) 15-20 lbs.
Red (Extra Heavy) 25-30 lbs.
Red + Black – 40-50 lbs.
Red + Black + Green – 50-62 lbs.

These bands are well made and can be used for nearly any exercise.


They do come with a manual that includes exercises for chest press, triceps, biceps curl, forearms, triceps extension, trapezius muscle, stomach curl, stomach twist, leg stretching (squats & lunges), deltoid muscle, hips and arms. I love how portable they are.



They come with a convenient storage bag. The kit allows you to keep them all inside and neatly stored.


I’m super happy with my purchase. If you are looking for a portable, well made set of bands, I would recommend them.

Sample provided. You can purchase these bands at

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