Amir® Professional HD Camera Lens Kit with 0.45X Super Wide Angle + 12.5X Macro Lens, for Smartphones

Price: $19.99.

I’ve tried out a few of these different types of clip on lenses and this is definitely my favorite. What makes this one different is the sizes of the lenses themselves. They are larger than the others I have purchased, which eliminates that black circle you get in your photo with the smaller lenses. The quality of the glass is pretty good too.


I especially like the macro lens. It does an excellent job of allowing me to take very close up photos. I’ve taken a photo from my iPhone 6 without a lens, with the macro lens and then with the wide angle lens for comparison purposes.


The regular photo and the wide angle lens were taken from the same vantage point. The macro lens was taken closer up to show you what you can do with it. As you can see, these lenses do a fantastic job and add a very nice additional range of options to your cell phone’s photo possibilities.

I use the macro lens often for taking jewelry photographs and it does a great job.


The lens clips easily on and off your camera and this comes with a convenient storage case. It all comes in a very nice box which would make it suitable for gift giving.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this lens set at

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