Pure Enjoyment PureNails 7-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure System Review

Price: $59.99.

I have horrible callouses on my heels. I wish I would have taken before and after pictures for this review. This manicure and pedicure set impressed me. My heels were cracked, had layers of dead skin and looked like they needed to be peeled. So I broke down and decided to give this product a try. When this manicure set arrived in the mail, I took out the sapphire cone and sapphire rasp attachments and got right to work.

To use, you secure your chosen attachment to the top of the unit (it just pops on and off) and gently run it across your skin. Sawdust (or should I say skin dust) started to fly through the air immediately. (In hind sight, I probably should have done this outside). A few minutes later, the difference in my heels was nothing short of amazing. My feet feel baby-soft and smooth now. The cracked look is almost gone too. You might be wondering if this process was painful. It did not hurt at all, nor was it uncomfortable. I found the tools very gentle, yet highly effective.

It all comes packaged in a very convenient storage case that zips all the way around the case.

Here is a complete list of the tools that come with this set:
2 Filing Disks (course and fine): These are used to shorten thick nails and file nails with precision
Sapphire Callus Rasp and Sapphire Cone: These remove dry skin and calluses
Felt Cone: This tool smooths out and polishes your nails
2 Milling Cutters (coarse and fine): these are used to grind thick nails and remove ingrown nails

I tried all of the tools with the exception of the milling cutters. I found them all easy to use and effective. The unit itself runs quietly and is powerful. I used it for several minutes and it didn’t get hot at all. Another nice feature of this tool is that it has a built in light. So it directs light to your working area as you are using it.


This was actually quite helpful in allowing me to see my working area more easily. This set also comes in a very nice and well made zip-up case that keeps it all organized.

This manicure set is truly a must-have for anyone who does their own manicures of pedicures. It will allow you to achieve a professional result that you couldn’t normally get at home.

The tools can also be used for your nails. I found that when using the filing tool, there is a bit of a learning curve to avoid over filing.

The buffer tool works amazingly well.  You can also smooth bumps and callouses on your hands.

The only slight negative of this product is the instructions, which could be better organized and more detailed. I figured it out, but would have liked clearer photographs and illustrations on how to use the tools correctly.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this manicure set at Quality Beauty Supplies or Amazon.com.

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