Bandwagon Set of 3 Pan Protector Pads, Square & Rectangle

Price: $13.99.

For years, I placed cut out rubber drawer liners between my pans to protect them. They were heavy and the kids didn’t like using them so they just didn’t. Needless to say, dozens of pans have been destroyed over the years. So when I discovered felt pan protectors, I was excited. This is my second set of pan protectors to try so I can compare and contrast these with others on the market.

Here are the details:

1. FELT MATERIAL: These pads are made of a felt-like material that reminds me of the felt that lines a silverware drawer. The fabric does a good job of preventing scratches.

2. LIGHTWEIGHT: They are lightweight and compact, making them super easy and convenient to use. In other words, you don’t dread picking them up and using them when you put your clean pans away.
3. SET OF 3: In this set, you get 3 pan protectors in 3 different sizes which allows you to gradate down to different sized pans.

4. CONFORMING: These protectors are shaped sort of like square crosses, which allows them to conform to the rounded shape of the pans perfectly.
5. NON SKID SURFACE: I like the non skid surface on one side of the protector. This is a feature I have not seen with other brands.

6. LARGE: These protectors are generously sized, which I like. They are larger than another set I own, which ensures that your pan is fully protected.

These pan protectors work great and solve a real problem wonderfully. I would definitely recommend them.

Sample provided. You can purchase these pan protectors at

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