Review of Linsoir Beads F1401 Natural Turquoise Gemstone Half Round Flat-Back Cabochons

These genuine turquoise cabochons are so nice!  I plan to use these to make earrings.


These cabochons would be ideal for so many projects. Please note that these are cabochons, which means that they do not have holes for stringing. So plan your projects accordingly. Here are some photos from Linsoir:

They come in many different sizes. I chose the 13mm size, but choose according to your needs and project requirements.

The quality of the turquoise is very good. Unlike other cabochons you will find, these are actually genuine turquoise stones. Not reticulated or imitation turquoise. It does make a big difference!


If you are looking for some very nice quality turquoise cabochons, these reasonably priced stones from Linsoir would be a great option.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase these cabochons at

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