BenQ SW2700PT 27 inch Photographer Monitor

Price: $599.99.


This monitor has crisp accurate colors and has performed well for me over the past 6 months of daily use. I have had no issues with its performance and am happy with the product. The initial setup was a challenge, but worth it.

Save yourself a lot of frustration and make sure that you use a DVI-D Dual Link cable to set this up. I almost gave this product 4 stars for the frustration factor because it took me forever to figure this out. But that wouldn’t be fair. I work in Photoshop a good portion of the day, so I wanted dual monitors to allow me to have two screens. My husband attempted to set this up for me and it failed after a lot of trouble shooting. In retrospect, he can’t remember if he was using the cable that came with this or if he was using another cable we already owned. Whichever one he was using, it wasn’t working. Because the cable he tried wasn’t working, we bought another cable and tried both dual and single monitor set ups. It still didn’t work. Next, we thought maybe it was the drivers. We downloaded the drivers and it still wasn’t working… We finally got a technician to come and look at the computer and he concluded that the monitor was defective and non functional.

I was now past the return timeline but I tried requesting a return through BenQ. Customer support from BenQ called us to trouble shoot the problem. The guy was helpful. He asked us what type of cable we were using. We told him that we had tried multiple cables in both single and dual monitor configurations and none would work. The technician explained that we needed a specific type of cable. I was tired of messing with it at this point and just wanted to return it. He agreed to accept the return even though we were over a month past the return timeline. A return authorization was issued. Being the stubborn woman that I am and not wanting to admit defeat, we decided to give it one last ditch effort. We ventured to Best Buy and purchased a DVI-D cable and miracle of miracles, it finally worked! So long story short, use a DVI-D Dual Link Cable. I have to say… customer support from BENQ was knowledgeable and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with them again.

The display itself is beautiful. It covers 99% of the Adobe RGB color space, giving accurate colors and an impressive range of colors.


I have it side by side with my NEC Multi Synch LCD monitor (Now discontinued but was $1250 at B & H). The NEC is a photographer’s monitor with very high reviews. Side by side, the quality of the screen resolutions doesn’t even compare. The BenQ monitor is clearer, crisper and more brilliant. The whites are clean and the colors pop. It’s a beautiful display. I’m so glad I stuck with it. I’ve attached a photo of the monitors side by side. The BENQ is on the left and the NEC monitor is on the right. BenQ is a lesser known product, but I am pleased. It was half the price of my NEC monitor and has a better display.

Right out of the box, the display is excellent. If you are looking for a large and high quality photography monitor at an excellent price, I would definitely recommend this BenQ monitor.

Discounted sample provided. I purchased mine at, but you can purchase this much cheaper from BenQ Direct.

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