Review of CASELAST Premium Car Purse Organizer Pouch

I normally keep my purse in the passenger seat of my car while I’m driving. This works okay, but it is irritating when I have to make a sudden stop and the contents of my purse fall out onto the passenger floorboard. When I have a passenger in my car, I am lost with where to put my purse. I don’t like putting it in the back seat because then I can’t reach the items inside while I’m driving. Also, when I’m ready to get out of the car, I have to lean over the seat or open the rear door to retrieve my purse. Call me lazy but it’s annoying. Someone else must have shared my same problem because this organizer was invented. I have to say…this product is genius. This is one of those things you never knew you needed until you have one. It’s so easy to use and it solves the problem beautifully.


To use, simply clip the straps to the back of the seat’s head rest on either side. It has adjustable straps to get a tight fit, or a looser fit if you prefer.

I can now reach my purse when I’m driving, the contents of my purse aren’t flying all over the car, and my purse is easily accessible when I exit the car. The design is well done. There is a pocket in the front and another large pocket in the back. (Sometimes I carry a tote bag to work with me so it’s perfect). I can fit my purse in the front pocket and my tote bag in the back pocket. I really love this product. I’m actually going to buy another one for my other car. (Photos were taken in my 2015 Honda Accord).

UPDATE 9/30/15: I’ve updated my review and added the last 3 photos based on feedback. You can actually wrap the bungee cord like elastic string at the bottom of the organizer around your center console to get a flush fit. This is something I missed when I first reviewed the product.

Discounted product provided. You can purchase this organizer on

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