Review of YOUNA Vintage Genuine Clutch Purse in Leather For Women

My daughter loves purses and everything yellow. Enter this great little handbag. I purchased this as one of her Christmas gifts. This handbag is a nice versatile size that can be used successfully as a clutch, oversized wristlet or shoulder bag. It is made of genuine leather and is very high quality. The front of the purse has a twist clasp in gold that is both decorative and functional for the pocket on the outside of the bag.

The inside of the bag and all pockets are lined in a durable stain resistant satin fabric.

The zippers operate smoothly and are of good quality, without catching or displaying any bent teeth.


The back side of the bag features a zip pocket on the outside for additional storage and quick access to your most important items.


The bag comes with a wristlet attachment or a shoulder attachment that clip to the buckle rings on each side of the purse. You can choose the one you want to use and switch them out at your leisure.


The inside of the bag features pockets on each side as well as a center divider which also has a zip opening. It’s a great size for organizing and perfect for fitting all of your items neatly, keeping clutter down.

The vibrant yellow hue provides a lovely splash of color to your ensemble. This is a versatile, well made bag that is both functional and attractive.

Sample was purchased at a discount. You can buy this purse at

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