Review of Leather Wine Bag Case with Clear Durable Double Window Display

I like this product because it’s handy. It’s great for transporting wine to parties. You can also use it to bring home unopened bottles of wine from the restaurant. It’s durable and well made. I like that it folds flat when you aren’t using it. It would make a great accompaniment when gifting a nice bottle of wine. The description says that this item is made of leather, not PU leather or vinyl. However, I’m not 100% convinced that this is real leather. It feels more like vinyl to me. It’s still nice, but I wanted to put that out there in case you are expecting fine grade leather. The side panels are definitely vinyl and not leather. The front panels are backed with a fabric material so I cannot see behind the facing material to say for sure that this product is vinyl or leather but I strongly suspect that this is imitation leather. It does not smell like leather. The description states that this product is suede lined, but it’s more of a cloth lining on the inside. It’s durable and well made but it isn’t suede. The windows are a clear plastic. All in all, I like this handy and well made product but be aware that this is probably imitation leather.

Sample provided at a discount. You can purchase this bag on

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