Review of HiDay Stylish Cosmestic Makeup Bag Toiletry Organizer

Price: $8.99.

This is a nice cosmetic bag for the price. It’s pretty roomy and you can fit quite a bit of makeup or cosmetics inside. The outside is made of a satin material.


It has one main zipper that opens to reveal the compartments inside. The outside is black and the inside is a shiny silver material – also satin. There are two compartments inside the bag, aside from the main compartment. There is also a short carrying strap that makes this easier to move from place to place.

I plan to use my bag to store my extra makeup that I don’t use on a daily basis. I like that the contents are accessible and easy to see. The only negative to this bag is that it’s made of satin fabric so it might not clean as easily as other materials. But I think it should wipe off fairly well. If you are looking for a roomy cosmetic bag at a very low cost, this bag would be a good option.

Sample provided. You can purchase this organizer on

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