Review of Luxury Travel Neck Pillow by MemorySoft

Price at Time of Review: $19.98.

I travel a lot. Collecting travel pillows has become an unintended hobby of mine. At last count, I have 12+ of them. I’m always looking for a better solution and I’ve definitely found a keeper here. Here are the details:

1. This pillow is made of genuine memory foam, which is the most comfortable material for travel pillows by far. The foam is nice and squishy and not rigid like some I’ve tried.

2. The cover is made of a velour type fabric and it is very soft. The fabric is very good quality and the cover zips off for easy washing.


3. This pillow has a snap closure in the front to help keep it securely on your neck. Cheaper pillows will omit this feature, which is one of the details that sets apart a cheap pillow from a better made product.

4. The back of the pillow does not have a carrying strap. However, it does have the snap closure that sits at the chin area as well as an elastic band that holds the pillow closed when you aren’t using it. Either could be used in lieu of a strap. However, a strap out of the velour cover fabric would be useful.
5. The pillow has a nice shape. It’s comfortable on the neck and fits the contour of the body between the head and shoulders nicely. It’s not as huge as my Cabeau pillow but larger than most of my other memory foam pillows. It’s actually perfect as it can be used by a wide range of body sizes. The only slight tweak I would make is to have a it a bit more contoured around the side of my face.


6. This pillow does come with a carrying case that is made of a nice, durable “parachute” type of material. The case keeps the pillow from getting dirty and also makes it much easier to carry around. The pillow does have an elastic strap which can be secured around the pillow. It’s actually quite effective for folding the pillow and keeping it folded. This is helpful for getting the pillow into its compact bag. The carrying bag allows you to keep this pretty compact for carrying in your luggage or on an airplane.


All in all, this is one of my favorite travel pillows. I would recommend it. You can purchase this pillow at


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