Siklii U-Shape Cooling Travel Pillow



I travel a lot. Collecting travel pillows has become an unintended hobby of mine. At last count, I have 12 of them. I’m always looking for a better solution. I was intrigued by the cool gel feature of this product so I decided to add one more pillow to my collection. Here are the details.

1. This pillow is made of genuine memory foam, which is the most comfortable material for travel pillows by far. The foam is nice and squishy and not rigid like some I’ve tried.

2. The cover is made of a velour type fabric and it is very soft. The fabric is good quality and the cover zips off for easy washing. I am not a fan of the color. I believe the pastel blue color was selected to bring out the cool gel feature in this product but it’s not a color that everyone will feel comfortable carrying through the airport.

3. The top of the pillow is made up of a cool gel insert. It actually works quite well and stays cool. This is the perfect pillow for someone who is always hot. It keeps down the sweat that you can sometimes acquire between your skin and the pillow and is a refreshing treat. Kudos to the inventor for his or her excellent execution of the cool gel feature.

4. The cool gel is covered in a mesh fabric. As someone in the fashion industry, I’m not 100% convinced that this is the optimal fabric for the application but I don’t dislike it. I worried that the mesh would have my neck looking like a grid when I woke up but it wasn’t uncomfortable and this didn’t seem to be a problem for me. My objection is merely aesthetic.

5. This pillow has a snap closure in the front to help keep it securely on your neck. Cheaper pillows will omit this feature, which is one of the details that sets apart a cheap pillow from a better made product.


6. The back of the pillow does not have a carrying strap. A strap out of the velour cover fabric would be useful for carrying the item and more comfortable than carrying the pillow by the snap closure string.

7. The pillow has a nice shape. It’s comfortable on the neck and fits the contour of the body between the head and shoulders nicely. It’s not as huge as my Cabeau pillow but larger than most of my other memory foam pillows. It’s actually perfect as it can be used by a wide range of body sizes.

8. This pillow does not come with a carrying case. Some of my other memory foam pillows come with carrying cases. The case keeps the pillow from getting dirty when you carry it around. If I could only change one thing about this product, this would be it.

I would highly recommend this pillow to hot natured people. For those who are cold natured, you may find this product leaves you feeling a bit chilly.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this pillow at

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