LIVEBOX Travel Neck Pillow – Luxury Innovative Memory Foam Neck Support Travel Pillow

Price at Time of Review: $15.59.

I travel a lot. I probably own at least 10 travel pillows. I’m always looking for a better solution. I thought this pillow might be similar to my

CABEAU Memory Foam “Evolution Pillow” (which is pretty comfortable) so I thought I’d give this one a try. Since the Cabeau is currently the most popular memory foam travel pillow on amazon, I will compare the two for you guys.

1. This Livebox pillow is much easier to fold and keep in its case. The Cabeau pillow just folds up, but it doesn’t have the button to secure it like this one does, so it makes it much harder to put away. This one is easier to manage and the case also seems to be a little bit nicer in quality.


2. I think that most women will find the Livebox pillow more comfortable. The Cabeau pillow is significantly fuller (thicker/taller) than this Livebox pillow. While this is good for some people, it’s not good for me. I’m a petite person and while it’s comfortable to be surrounded in memory foam, it’s a little too much for me and it gets in my face. However, if you are a big person and you like a lot of padding, you may like the Cabeau pillow better.
3. Both are made from very soft memory foam with zip off covers for washing.

This is a comfortable travel pillow, especially for women and smaller people. I love the way it folds up and fits easily in its case.

4. There is a slot for your iPhone or iPad on the side, which is a very handy.


This is a great option out there in the space of travel pillows. I recommend it.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this travel pillow at

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