Design Go Lumbar Support Pillow

Price at Time of Review: $19.99.

Airplane seats seem to get more uncomfortable every time I step on a plane. When I’m on an airplane for any period of time, my lower back hurts and I cannot seem to get comfortable. I found this pillow a few years ago and ever since then, I won’t step on a plane without it. It makes all the difference for me between a miserably uncomfortable flight to one that is bearable. Here are the features:

1. Size: This pillow is the perfect size for filling that gap between the airplane seat and your lower back. It is compact, but large enough to fill the gap. It fits in my travel bag nicely and takes up about as much room as a paperback book.Design_Go_Inflatable_Pillow_light_gray_lumbar_support2
2. Padding: This pillow has padding in the front which gives it the feel of a regular pillow, yet it still deflates mostly flat for compact storage. The padding makes this much more comfortable than a regular blow up pillow and it eliminates that icky rubbery plastic feel of a regular blow up travel pillow.

3. Provides excellent lumbar support and it is comfortable.

4. No icky rubbery smell like others I have tried.
I literally will not get on a plane without this pillow. If you have lumbar issues, I highly recommend it. You can purchase this pillow at Going In Style.

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