Life in Coloring Complete Adult Coloring Book Kit with Portable Case, Coloring Book, Pencils

Coloring is a relaxing hobby and a very therapeutic activity for individuals of all ages. Adult coloring books are a great gift idea that is usually unexpected but always thoroughly enjoyed. Navigating all of the coloring books out there isn’t an easy task, but this kit is a great choice for someone getting started with this new hobby. It comes with 12 well made colored pencils, one coloring book and a nice notebook binder for storing it all.

The notebook has a pencil case that detaches with Velcro, making this very convenient to use and take with you on the go. I found myself thinking that the only thing that would make this kit better is a pencil sharpener for the pencils, but I looked in the bag, and to my surprise, they thought of that too! 🙂

In addition to the pencil sharpener, the pencil bag can also hold markers, crayons, oil pastels or any other medium you choose. This kit is the perfect option for carrying with you on planes, in waiting rooms or any place you want to go. The notebook has a hard enough surface that you don’t need a desk to work. The included coloring book itself is quite lovely.

I loved the designs with inspirational quotes or words. Very well done. The pages are fun to color and engaging. Refills of different coloring books can be purchased once you have completed this book. I cannot wait to see what else they have! I really love this fun and well thought out kit.

Discount sample provided. You can purchase this kit at

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