Siensync Colored Pencils – 72 Color Art Colored Drawing Artist Sketch Set

This very nice set of colored pencils comes in a large selection of beautiful colors! I purchased these to use with my adult coloring books that I use as a stress reliever.


There are colors in every hue and when you open the box it’s like opening the giant box of crayons. It felt kind of nostalgic, like getting school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

These pencils write nice and smoothly and produce a nice uniform stroke. I’m happy with their performance. A couple of minor cons: If you remember your box of crayons, they were tiered where you could see the different colors, but these were all one level and the cardboard covers the top of the pencils.


So if you really want to see your colors to select them, you will probably need a different way to store them other than the box they come in. Three of my pencil tips were broken when I received them.


This isn’t uncommon and they are easily sharpened.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase these pencils on

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