Hello Garden 50 ft. Expandable Garden Hose, High Pressure Metal Sprayer Nozzle with Metal Hanger

This is probably the nicest garden hose I’ve ever seen. Almost too nice to take outside. But I guess that defeats the purpose. For a city girl like me who doesn’t like to get dirty, this is the perfect solution. I hate touching my husband’s dirty slimy hose and dragging the tangled mess all over the yard. Here are the details:

1. LIGHTWEIGHT: This hose is so lightweight and portable. I can carry it out when I want to water or wash the car and then bring it back inside so it stays nice and clean. No more dragging a heavy hose on the ground. It weighs only about 1/4 of what a regular hose weighs.

2. NOZZLE IS EASY TO USE: Without making myself sound like debutante, I cannot stand screwing the nozzle onto our current garden hose. It’s leaky, rusty and hard to screw in. This one is so easy to use, I don’t mind. The nozzle screws in easily to the brass connector.

3. VERSATILE: The nozzle has 9 different settings to achieve the water flow you like.

4. WORKS WELL: Nozzle settings work great and achieve the water flow you would expect.

5. WELL MADE: Solid, sturdy construction. Seems like it will last a long time.

6. COMPACT: Compact for space saving storage.

7. NO TANGLES: The hose stretches out easily, is flexible and doesn’t get tangled or kink.

8. SPARE PARTS: Includes two extra washers for seasonal replacement.

9. HANGER INCLUDED: Includes a metal hanger for storage.

10. SOLID BRASS CONNECTION: Brass connectors to resist corrosion.

11. SHUTOFF VALVE: Metal valve controls water flow.

12. UV FABRIC: UV resistant outer fabric.

1. Almost too nice to take outside.

2. A bit pricey.

If you are tired of gross garden hoses that leak, corrode or are heavy to lug around, you might want to splurge on this quality set. I know it’s expensive, but if you don’t like getting dirty, you might find it worth it.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this set at Amazon.com.

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