Review of Kenzie Beauty 10 pc Oval Makeup Brush Set (Toothbrush Style)

Price: $44.99.

I was so excited to try these brushes out because they are so different from any other brushes I’ve used. I’ve been experimenting with them for a couple of days and I wanted to share my thoughts so far:

1. BLENDING: These brushes excel at blending. The 4th and 5th size down are ideal for blending your eye shadow. Sizes 1-3 will blend your foundation, blusher and contour. I’m able to get a truly smooth finish using these. I’ve never had another tool that blends my makeup so beautifully. I love the soft effect I’m able to achieve. In my opinion, their blending capability alone makes this purchase completely worthwhile. These are a game changer.

2. DENSE: The brushes are dense, but very soft. Their density makes them a unique tool, allowing you to perfect your application techniques.

3. MINERAL MAKEUP: The density and relative flatness of these brushes makes them ideal for applying mineral foundation. The larger size allows me to apply my foundation much more quickly. I love the smooth, even finish I am able to achieve. They are truly excellent in this application. LOVE.

4. QUALITY: The brush quality is excellent. I have experienced zero shedding. The brush fibers feel very soft and are of excellent quality.

5. BRUSH SIZES: I love the larger brushes. The smallest brushes aren’t my favorite. For the small brushes, I’ve not yet figured out how to use these in a way that gives me the effect I’m looking for. For eye shadow, I found that they produced more fallout than my other brushes.

6. BLUSHER: Using these to apply blusher results in a thicker application than my normal angled brush. This is due to the density of the fibers. However, I found them very effective in applying contour with better precision than my regular brushes.

6. HANDLES: The handles are smooth plastic and feel pretty durable. If I were to suggest an improvement, I would love to see these in wood instead of plastic.

7. PACKAGING: The packaging is just okay. I would have loved to see these come with a nice case for storage. I don’t think the packaging adequately represents the quality of the brushes themselves. It’s adequate but could be better.


All in all, I really love this set. Although I probably won’t use the smallest brushes much, the larger brushes totally make the purchase worthwhile. Think of this as getting 5 great brushes that will blend your makeup like you’ve never seen. Consider the smaller brushes like a free extra. That’s how I see it anyways.

Sample provided. You can purchase these brushes at

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