Review of Isabella Phantom 9 Pcs Ferrule Makeup Brush Set with Designer Case

Price: $27.99

This is a nice makeup brush set that has the look of very expensive brushes. They would make a nice gift for someone just getting started with makeup.

The brushes come in a well made patent pleather bag (vinyl) that’s very convenient. I like how the brushes fit through the elastic and stay organized.

The brushes are made from synthetic fibers so they are cruelty free. The bristles do have a bit of a chemical smell when you first open them. This should go away with use. The handles are made of wood and the brushes themselves are very attractive looking with gold accents and white bristles.


The brushes do a good job of applying my makeup and picking up the powders. They feel soft on the face. They would make a great gift because they look much more expensive than they actually are. The finish on these is very nicely done.

The benefit of having synthetic fibers for the bristles is that you can use cream based products without the bristles clumping together. Included in this set are:

• Large powder brush
• Blusher brush
• Angles foundation brush
• Contour brush
• Eye shadow blending brush
• 3 Additional eye shadow brushes
• Eye liner brush

The eye liner brush can also be used to apply eyebrow powder. If you are looking for a nice looking makeup brush set, this would be a good one to consider. It’s a nice set for the price, presents well and performs as expected.

Sample provided. You can purchase these brushes at

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