DuCare Goat Hair Face & Powder Brush

Price at time of review:$16.99

I was so excited to discover this gem! This was my first brush from DUcare, so I wasn’t sure what to expect; I am so happy I decided to try this out. This is truly a fine quality makeup brush. I own dozens of makeup brushes, including Mac and other high end brands as well as some cheaper brushes I’ve picked up here and there.


This is probably the nicest brush I own. It is even nicer than my Mac brushes. The quality of the hair is very fine.

The goat hair fibers are far superior to my synthetic powder brushes. It’s hard to describe in words, but think about touching an imitation fur and then feeling the real thing. The quality of the goat hair used in this brush is excellent. Other natural brushes I own are not this silky smooth. The hairs “grab” or lifts up your powders and holds the powder better than any synthetic brush can do. I use this to apply loose powder and it applies my powder evenly and smoothly.

If you are looking for a durable powder brush that does an excellent job and will last for many years, this would be an excellent brush to invest in. The brush contains a generous amount of hairs, which makes it very plush and luxurious feeling. The quality of the construction is also very good and the handle is made in a smooth classic black wood.

A sample brush was provided by DUcare for my honest evaluation and review.

You can purchase this powder brush on Amazon.com.

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