DuCare Makeup Brushes – 6 Piece Set

Price: $27.99

I recently discovered DuCare’s makeup brushes and I am so impressed. The quality of their brushes is on par with my Mac brushes at a fraction of the price. The price point on these professional quality brushes is incredible. Everything about this set far surpasses other brushes I’ve reviewed in this price range. I’m really excited to share this find!

It starts with the box they come in. It’s a very nicely made and attractive box. When you open the box, the brushes are packed in a VERY nice carrying case.


This isn’t the cheap vinyl cases that brushes normally come in. This is a really nice case that you would actually pay good money for. It’s made of a durable fabric and the quality is excellent. It even has an attractive latch to fasten it closed.

You also get a very nice instruction leaflet that explains what each brush is used for with suggestions.


The brushes themselves are excellent. There are 6 pieces in the set:


  • Plush powder brush made of goat hair, excellent for holding powder or blushers.


  • Angled foundation brush made of synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is the best for foundations because they can be used with any kind of foundation without the fibers clumping together.


  • Eye shadow brush made of synthetic hair. A great choice for cream eye shadows.

  • Lip brush made of sable hair. (Sable hair is incredible and very expensive!)

  • Medium eye shadow brush made of sable hair – excellent for holding powdered eye shadows

  • Small eye shadow brush made of sable hair – ideal for powdered eye shadows


The brushes are very well made and I have experienced no shedding at all. I have truly never found a set of this quality at such a low price. This set is a steal! They also come with a lifetime warranty! While I don’t expect these to last a lifetime, I have Mac brushes of comparable quality that are still going strong after 10 years.


Sample provided. You can purchase these brushes at Amazon.com.

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