FURfreak Dog and Cat Deshedding Brush by K9Konnection

Price: $14.99

This is a very nice brush that I found effective in removing quite a bit of fur from my long haired cat. It pulled off quite a bit of fur fairly quickly. My cat didn’t mind it and seemed to enjoy being brushed with it for the first couple of minutes (until she got annoyed with me).

The brush portion of this tool detaches from the handle, which is a nice feature for storage purposes. The only con to this brush is that I wish the teeth were just a little bit longer.

I have a long haired cat, and the short teeth don’t do the best job of holding her hair. So I have to pick up the hair after almost every stroke. It’s a bit messy. I think that the shorter teeth on this brush would be more effective on shorter hair and may even be preferred for a shorter haired animal. I would recommend this brush for shorter haired animals that shed a lot. It would be a highly effective way to remove a lot of hair and minimize shedding in your home.


Discounted sample provided. You can buy this brush on Amazon.com.

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