Review of LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket

Price: $25.88.

I purchased this mermaid tail blanket for my daughter. She’s a college student and needed a blanket to stay cozy while hanging out in her apartment. She absolutely loves this. Here she is on the sofa with her cat on her lap. It really does give the appearance of a mermaid tail!


When I first ordered this, I couldn’t quite understand how it would be comfortable considering there was a tail at the end. Did you have to slide into it? Well, here is the actual construction.


As you can see, it sort of takes the shape of a triangle. It’s actually quite comfy and easy to use. It’s not cumbersome at all.


My daughter has been using this blanket daily since she’s been home for the summer. She gets chilly at night because we run our AC so low.

I purchased the grey color which is a greyish green color that is “mermaid like” in hue, but also neutral.  It came with a mermaid necklace, which is a throw away item but really added a lot to the presentation. A child would definitely wear the necklace, however.

The blanket does come in both child and adult sizes. I think a child would absolutely love this too. The blanket is a sweater knit material. It’s soft-ish. It has the texture of a typical knitted afghan. Not the softest I’ve ever felt, but pretty typical.

So far, this blanket has worn well, is warm but not too hot, and a big hit with my daughter who grew up loving The Little Mermaid. It’s nostalgic as well as functional. The price is fair. I’ve seen these for upwards of $50 so the price on this one is reasonable. My daughter is 5’1″ for sizing and comparison purposes. We purchased the 71″x35.5″ size and it works great for her but would also work for a wide range of heights.

This is a fun blanket that I would recommend. It would make a great gift.

Sample provided. You can purchase this mermaid tail blanket at


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