Review of EmaxDesign Pinch & Pain Free Metal Eyelash Curler – Rose Gold

Price: $10.99.


Lately, I’ve been testing a number of different eyelash curlers. From electronic ones that spin your eyelashes into curls to heated crimp curlers, I’ve been on a quest to find my favorite. Here are a few of my test models:


This eyelash curler from EmaxDesign is a strong contender. I may have found a new favorite (non electronic) crimp curler. This one is very similar to my old favorite Tweezerman crimp curler (it’s the silver one in the photos below).

This EmaxDesigns eyelash curler has a few “bells and whistles” that I love.

  • The pads are made of silicone. The set comes with 5 extra pads, which should allow this curler to last for a few years. I don’t know about you, but I rarely change pads on my eyelash curler.

  • It is designed to be  pinch and pain free with quick results.

  • It features a pretty rose gold finish.

It is nearly identical to the Tweezerman rose gold curler, but about half the price. The Tweezerman model currently sells for $19.90 on Amazon. So this lovely curler is a great value. The Tweezerman curler is on the left. The EmaxDesign curler is on the right.

One thing I look for in a curler is that the head isn’t too bulky nor too curved. The problem I’ve found with some curlers is that the head is so curved that it doesn’t allow me to grip my lashes. The curve on the Emax Design curler is ideal and conforms perfectly to the contour of my eyes.

I was able to get right to the roots of my eyelashes and get a perfect curl. The results were perfect. The silicone pads grip strongly, firmly and comfortably.

My natural lashes are thin and short, so I was more than pleased with the result.

I cannot stress how important it is to have a slim design to your curler. Bulkier curlers won’t allow you to reach the roots of your lashes and are only marginally effective. This Emax Design curler is nice and slim like I prefer.

I would definitely recommend this well made and designed eyelash curler.

Sample provided. You can purchase this eyelash curler at

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